Monday, July 14, 2014

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller

I read this memoir in about four hours of uninterrupted time on two recent flights.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book, not just because I found the author engaging and interesting but also because he is a kindred spirit -- a Christian with some unorthodox leanings.  I would say Don is a liberal Christian because I am more political than the author, who tends to be more mystical and spiritual than I am.  Nonetheless, we agree on an awful lot, which made this a good, quick read for me.  I don't read many Christian authors who avoid cliche as studiously as Don Miller.  I liked his style and personality coming through the pages.  I wondered if he might be less liberal than he was letting on, whether he was dark-skinned or light-skinned, whether it had all gone as smoothly as it was told.  In the end I decided those labels and doubts didn't matter.  Don seems to me to be genuinely trying to represent Jesus in his own unique way.  I don't use the word unique lightly.  I think Don's stories are personal, true, unembellished, and his own.  I really came to see Jesus in a different light because of this book, and I can give no higher praise.
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