Friday, July 04, 2008

Deadly Viper Character Assassins

I picked this short book up at a church I attended recently. It is written by the pastor of that church and a friend of his who is in the design industry. It is aimed at leaders, but could apply to just about anyone. It is quick and quirky, taking a "kung fu" inspired approach to teaching Biblical principles of how to avoid character attacks. It's basically a repackaging of the seven deadly sins -- rage, pride, and avarice are in there for sure, plus some "new" deadly sins like busyness and self-deception. The authors have clever titles for their character "assassins," and I appreciate the effort to make the book look good and appeal to regular guys. Still, I felt the authors were a little too self-indulgent in their writing style and design work. They didn't spend enough time with the "masters" they interviewed and put in between the chapters in attractive two-page spreads. I wanted to know more about each of those masters. I also wanted more depth, and the Biblical basis for the book was almost obscured by the design. Overall, I'd give the book an A+ for style and a B for content.
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