Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ulysses (James Joyce) part 2

Slogging through Ulysses right now at a pace of about a page a night. I'm getting something out of it -- a fuller picture of Leo Bloom, the man who not only sweats and churns his way through life but also carries on some kind of affair by letter, mulls over death and life and reincarnation, and carries on much musing in the midst of mundanity; also, the book challenges me -- this book is a project, not an easy read, something I have to really chew on in order to understand. It sometimes takes me out of my comfort zone and sometimes puts me right to sleep, but I am looking more closely at the book and finding more each time I do. It's a dense read, but enjoyable in the language and the genius in each line. I do long for a place to discuss and debate the novel, but I need more information to piece together the whole thing. See my other post for my impressions of Part 1 and the early bits of Part 2 of the novel.
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