Saturday, September 29, 2007

Books I Sold Today

I sold books to the used book store today and thought I'd record the ones I remembered I had and that they actually wanted:

William Burroughs -- Naked Lunch
Christopher Marlowe -- (three plays)
Aristotle -- Poetics
Plato -- Symposium
Marx -- Communist Manifesto
Weiland (an early American novel)
Whitman -- Leaves of Grass

Each one of these books is a part of my past that I surrendered for a meaningless dollar amount. Still, it feels somewhat good that someone else might find value in some of the books I owned. I hung on to a book from my travels in Germany, which is more of a souvenir than anything. It led to some storytelling with the owner of the book shop, which was nice. I may tell the story I told her later.
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